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The Priory Inn “30 Mile Food Zone”


The Priory Inn’s genuine desire to represent the suppliers, farmers, growers and local artisans on our menus, behind the bar and in our bedrooms, continues.


Since 2004, our popular restaurant in Tetbury has been steadily developing a close local network of farmers, suppliers and rural producers across all aspects of food and drink.


We have drawn a 30 mile radius around Tetbury and wherever possible, we only buy food from within that area – this is around 90% of the food and much of the drink that we serve. When this is impossible (saltwater fish / coffee for example), we will buy those goods from suppliers who share our values and who are located within our 30 Mile Food Zone.


Our beliefs in running this business focus on developing a network of local suppliers – keeping money within our rural community.  We employ people who share our beliefs and become as passionate about our family of suppliers as we are:

  • We believe the dedication and skill of our farmers and producers drives us to do justice to the high quality of their food and drink.
  • We believe everyone should know where their food comes from.
  • We believe in creating a special network of connections between our guests, servers, chefs, growers, their plants and animals and ultimately the food we serve.


These beliefs run alongside our simple desire to serve fresh food straight from the fields, allowing the outstanding quality of the produce to speak for itself when it reaches your plates.


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The Priory Inn, London Road, Tetbury, Glouchestershire, GL8 8JJ


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