Non-alcoholic drinks


Orange Henry - Orange juice and lemonade £1.50

Priory - Lemonade, lime and bitters £1.70

St Clements - Orange juice and bitter lemon £2.00

J2O - Orange and cranberry / Apple and mango / Apple and melon / Orange and passion fruit / Apple and raspberry £2.00

Appletiser - Sparkling apple juice £2.00

Bottlegreen - Elderflower pressé £2.00



Shirley Temple - Ginger ale and grenadine £1.50

Southampton - Tonic water, lime and bitters £1.50

Magical Mystery Tour - Pineapple and orange juice, lemonade and grenadine £2.80

Virgin Mary - Tomato juice, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper £2.80

Ahhhh… - Cranberry, orange and pineapple juice and ginger ale £2.80

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