Carole Condé


Carole is a highly talented artist based in Stroud who produces drawings in a traditional manner and covers a range of subjects.  Carole's charcoal and white pastel drawing of Dougall on brown paper takes pride of place in our gastro-inn. 

The story behind Dougall is important to us at The Priory Inn.  Liz Godsell of Godsell’s Cheese in Leonard Stanley is one of The Priory Inn’s most valued and regular suppliers of hand-made cheese.  Liz has 2 passions in life – cows and cheese.

Dougall was one of Liz’s favourite cows.  Carole was commissioned to draw the picture when Dougall was diagnosed with a disease which resulted in her being put down.  After the event, it was discovered that this was mistaken and she should still be with us.

At The Priory Inn she grazes happily amongst friends.

If you would like any further information or wish to get in touch with Carole, her number is 01453 758 248 or email us.

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